Treasure was robbed by a gang of barbarians. You, as a knight, are responsible for securing the Treasure from these thieves. Get the Treasure back, the King is prepared to award you with the medal of Knight to your triumphant return.

How to Play

Move the Knight by clicking on circle on the board. Trying to reach the point marked with double circle to enter the next level.

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This is a neat concept for a game, executed with almost zero content... it is a real shame. Do you plan to turn this into a full game?

I replayed it like 5 times just to hear how more birds would join the party. xD

It's a pretty interesting concept, and pretty well presented, but it's a pity that you only included 3 levels. This could have potential, specially if you include enemies that rotate every turn or positions you can only access from specific directions or turns.

Well done!