Top Down Stealth is a single player game that I've engaged in a teamwork for the class of Game Studio I at Game Center NYU. In the game, the purpose of the player is looking for keys to open the secret final door. The puzzles of the game need the player to collect the key for each corresponding door and open new sections for collecting new keys and to open new doors. The final secret gate will be unlocked when the player collected all the keys and safely back to the safe zone. Player has limited energy to freeze monsters in the maze. When the player used up the energy, the monster will unfreeze and chase the player. Don't try to get into the red zone in front of the monsters. Unless you want to have a try.

How to Play

Move the player with WASD keys or arrow keys. Mouse controls the player's move direction. Find keys and open doors with the same symbol. Get all keys, open the final Gate!

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Install instructions

Windows PC

Download and Unzip the file. Then running Top Down Stealth.exe to play the game.


Download and Unzip the file. Then running Top Down to play the game.


Top Down Stealth 26 MB
Top Down Stealth 27 MB


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Nothing revolutionary. Pretty simple game. I would have loved to see a bit more variation in the level design. It's pretty easy to get lost in the maze since all the walls look the same. It can be beaten in 5-7 minutes. ;)

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm really glad to hear feedback as you mentioned of level design and feeling of play. Thank you again.